Trade 3D AssetsFor The Metaverse

GLBDEX is an NFT exchange created for minting, buying and selling 3D models. Powered by the Proton Blockchain

Start Selling and Trading
your 3D assets as NFTs!

NFT Exchange Built on Proton

With instant transactions, zero gas fees, KYC, Fiat and multi-currency support, Proton is our blockchain of choice.

Built for 3D Models

The metaverse is inherently three dimensional, that's why we are 100% focused on 3D models.

Supports GLB Files

GLB is the JPEG of 3D, it's the most common file format for three-dimensional scenes and models in Web3. Not only does it have support for PBR materials, animation and avatar rigging but it is royalty-free making it the perfect format for the decentralized metaverse.

View in Augmented Reality

If you're viewing GLBDEX on mobile, you can drop your 3D model in to the real world with Augmented Reality. Press the special AR button (bottom right) in the 3D viewer, point your phone at a flat surface and pinch the model on screen to resize.

GLBDEX XR Orbital Platform

Grab your Oculus Quest 2 or VR headset and enter GLBDXR XR to experience the Orbital Platform in Virtual Realty. The GLBDEX Orbital Platform is ground zero for the Proton NZ Metaverse expansion project. Inside the hanger you will find some assets from the top collections.


Experience some of GLBDEX's best 3D NFTs on the Orbital Platform in Virtual Reality.